Junior National Saving officer Test Solved Past Paper 2020

Junior National Saving officer

Today Junior National Saving officer Test

Junior National Saving officer, get all exams solved past papers series, latest test past papers,

Junior National Saving officer, Test Solved Past Paper 2020

1. Highest military award?
ANS: Nishan-e-aider
2. Graphs labels:
ANS: equal
3. 1st census?
ANS: 1951
4. Sub Himalayas called?
ANS: Siwalik Himalayas
5. Medina was a center of learning and knowledge?
6. Medina was capital of?
ANS: Islamic regime
8.Thal desert is between in which rivers?
ANS: Indus and Jhelum
9. Which barrage is connecting with Baluchistan?
ANS: Sukkur barrage canals
10.Khyber pass connected Pakistan which country?
ANS: Afghanistan

Junior National Saving officer

11. Quid e millet is the title of which politician?
ANS: Liaqat Ali khan
12. Old name of khyber pakhtune khawa?
13. How many letters in the first kalmia?
ANS: 48
14. Which kalmia will read after wuzu?
ANS: Shahadat
15. Who is the founder of the two-nation theory?
ANS: Sir Syed Ahmad khan
16. Who is the first president of the constituent assembly of Pakistan?
ANS: Jinnah
17. Ayyub khan remove the which politician in 1958?
ANS: Iskandar Mirza
18. The message of a prophet is a hadith, Qur’anic ayat, or narrates?
19. The second highest peak of word located in which mountains?
ANS: Karakorum
20. If a diameter of a circle is 5cm the radius of the circle?
ANS: 2.5cm

21. If the radius of a circle is 5 cm the diameter of the circle?
ANS: 10
22. 61, 74,76,80,82 average?
ANS: These figures I forgot
23. 48, 26 and 38 average?
ANS: These figures I forgot
24. 4 books bought in 320 than average?
ANS: 80
25. If one boy read the 100 pages in 5 days then tell how many read the papers in one day?
ANS: 20
26. 0.15y= 15 then y=?
ANS: 100

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27. Which digits come at hundreds of thousands?
ANS: was 2
28. What does the ‘delete’ function in MS office?
ANS: Character
29. How we paste the data in the word?
ANS: Ctrl v

30. if you have in a spelling error that which color is a mention?
ANS: Red
31. Which of the following the highest rainfall in Pakistan?
ANS: Chitral
32. Which place of Pakistan called Switzerland of Pakistan?
ANS: Swat
33. Chinkara deer and peacock found in?
ANS: deserts
34. Liaqat Ali khan joined the Muslim league?
ANS: 1923
35. Press antonyms?
ANS: pull
36. Summit antonyms?
ANS: base
37. Create synonyms?
ANS: make
38. Dead: lifeless
39. First madni Surat?
ANS: marked Fateh

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40. He repaired the car he is?
ANS: “competent” mechanic
41. Row and column?
ANS: “cell”
42. 450 shirts and 500 percentages are?
ANS: 475
43. Mediocre antonyms: exceptional or excellent?
44. Darood Shareef is?
45. Lovely synonym?
ANS: beautiful
46. the most inconsistent with the above mention sentence?
ANS: everyone is not fat
47. C (Colors analytical)
48. A (colors analytical)
49. D (colors analytical)
50. Pak army HQ GHQ RWP

51. The only difference between flights was?
ANS: time
52. Harrapa in?
ANS: Pakistan
53. Who was the founder of the Mughal empire?
ANS: Babur
54. In which religion believe in angels?
ANS: Islam
55. The first reservoir found for gas in which area?
ANS: Sui
56: Jo kalma perhay per dil sa islam na qobol keray wo?
ANS: munafiq
57: Which deeds give Jannat?
ANS: Good

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