Top Repeated Questions FPSC PPSC NTS CSS PMS SST & Lecturer Past Papers


Top Repeated Questions FPSC PPSC NTS CSS PMS SST & Lecturer Past Papers

Q) Holy Prophet was born in?

Ans: 571 A.D 22nd April

Q) Hazrat Hajirah (RA) Was the Mother Of?

Ans:Hazrat Ismail

Q)Jab President Nhi Hota To Mulk Kon Chalata Hy?

Ans: Speaker

Q) Ghazwa khandak main khandak Ki length and width?

Ans:10km long 22ft wide 16ft depth

Q) Kaleem Ullah Kis Ka Laqab Tha?

Ans: Hazrat Musa

Q) Largest Dam in Pakistan?

Ans:) Tarbela

Q) Quid-e-Azam 14 points ki date?

Ans:) 1929

Q) Makah was conquered by Holy Prophet (PBUH) on?

Ans:) 08 Hijri

Q) Headquarters of Pak army?

Ans:) GHQ (General Head Quarters) Rawalpindi.

Q) Son of Hazrat Adam (a.s)?

Ans:) 3

Q) Chief of army staff?

Ans:) General Qamar Javed Bajwa

Q) Camel name of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) during migration?

Ans:) Qaswa

Q) Hazrat Adam was thrown in which country?

Ans:) Sri Lanka

Q) Messaq-e-Madina?

Ans:) 622 Hajari

Q) Shimla conference?

Ans:) June 1945

Q) Which country has the largest border with Pakistan?

Ans:) With India 2,912 km

Q:) Which military award belongs to Britten?

Ans:) Victoria Cross

Q) How many times the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is mentioned in the Holy Quran?

Ans:) 4

Q) Hazrat Adam (s) had —– son’s and—- daughters?

Ans:) 3 sons and 2 daughters

Q:) Which Prophet sleeps 100 years and again woke up?

Ans:) Hazrat Uzair a.s

Q) How many days Hazrat Yousaf (s) remained in the well?

Ans:) 3 days

Q) Only Sahabi mentioned in Quran is?

Ans:) Hazrat Zaid bin Haris

Q) Members of SAARC?

Ans:) 8

Q) Speakers of Prophet title of which Prophet?

Ans:) Hazrat Shoaib a.s

Q) The incident of Karbala took place in which Moharram?

Ans) 61 A.H

Q) Height of Hazrat Adam (s)?

Ans:) 90 feet

Q) Who imposed 1st Martial Law in Pakistan?

Ans:) Ayub khan 1958

Q) Ali Garh got a status of college/University

Ans:) 1877 College, 1920 University

Q) Pak became a member Of UNO on

Ans:) 30 Sept 1947

Q) Tochi Pass is b/w?

Ans:) Pakistan, and china

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